Renaissance Girl

I call myself a “restless creative,” jokingly say I have two modes, obsessed and completely disinterested.  I follow my obsessions and slowly, painfully, I’m getting comfortable with doing that.

Here’s what I love, the big stuff that I’ve made “a job” of sorts:  making chainmaille and wire jewelry, painting (oil and watercolor), henna/mehndi, photography, writing, journaling, nature journaling, being in love with my family and my many critters (2 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and several African cichlid fish).

Here’s the little stuff I also love but the obsession with them shifts and I leave them behind and come back to them:  glass working, metalsmithing, crochet, crafting, polymer clay, origami, kirigami, poetry, sewing, cooking, canning, herb gardening, my planner, drawing, philosophy and Eastern and earth-centered spirituality, liberal politics, animal rescue and animal issues, dog obedience & agility, napping with cats, horseback riding and natural horsemanship training, website design, gaming (tabletop pen and paper RPG games like D&D, board games, hiking, kayaking, cycling, yoga, aromatherapy, cleaning my house (yeah, unfortunately, that usually lands last on the list until I inexplicably get obsessed with it… *sigh*).

My home is decorated in a style I call “early bibliophile” which means I firmly believe that one can never have enough books. Words are life. I live on them.