Find Me

I’ve never been able to resist a new web page or Facebook page for every crazy thing I do. Here’s where you can find me on the World Wide Web.

You’ve Got Maille (Etsy) — my Chainmaille and “geek boutique” jewelry

You’ve Got Maille (Facebook)

You’ve Got Maille (website)

You’ve Got Maille (Twitter… I don’t mess with Twitter much)

Incurvata (Etsy) — my wire wrapped and glasswork jewelry

Incurvata (Facebook)

Deanna Lack (Facebook) — my writer’s page on FB

Great and Small Photography (Facebook) — my photography page

Great and Small Photography (Pixieset) — order prints

Great and Small Photography (Flickr)

Great and Small Photography (Gurushots)

Om is Where the Art Is (Facebook) — my art and henna

Om is Where the Art Is (web page)

DeviantArt (mostly jewelry, other stuff)

Instagram for YGM but everything lands here

Unstationary Stationery (blog) — all about journaling and using a planner to make cool things happen

Unstationary Stationery (Instagram)

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cookeville – my church, whose website I maintain and contribute to

Bandit and Meep (Instagram) — my dog and cats’ account

There’s more that I don’t update but there’s that for now. 🙂